smiling little girl with hair pulled up on one side

Rigley is a sweet girl that is always excited to be at school! She loves to learn new things and interact with her friends.

- Pre-K

Young girl with short, dark blonde hair and pink shirt

Kaylee is a very well behaved student. She is always kind to others. I enjoy having her in class.

- Kindergarten

smiling boy with glasses and camo hat wearing a coat

Hunter is a super sweet boy. He has a great work ethic and is well-behaved. He helps his classmates when they need it. I predict much success for Hunter this year.

- 1st Grade

Smiling girl with dark hair pulled into a ponytail wearing a black t-shirt

Rosalind is such a fun girl to have in class. She loves to learn and never complains about school work. She is a kind, generous girl that gets along great with her classmates. She is loved by everyone!

- 2nd Grade

smiling boy with glasses wearing a flag cap, holding a hamburger coupon

Eli comes to school everyday with a smile on his face. He is such a joy to have in class. He always follows directions, participates, and gives 100% effort into all of his school work. He is always willing to help his classmates and his teacher!

- 3rd Grade

smiling boy with dark hair wearing a black shirt

I love having Ethan in my class. He works hard and takes his school work seriously, but he has a great sense of humor. Ethan is a wonderful addition to our class.

- 4th Grade

smiling girl with long, dark blonde hair wearing a pink shirt and cheetah print cap

Kylee is the quiet mother in the classroom. She is always looking out for me and the other students. She has a good work-ethic and is always on task. Kylee is a rule follower and helps to keep us all in line!

- 5th Grade

boy wearing white cap and marbled shirt

Clay is one of the hardest working students in class, putting forth his best effort, asking questions when he is confused, and giving up time before school or during lunch recess to make sure he understands and completes his work. Clay is well-behaved and gets along with classmates.

- 7th Grade

smiling young lady with long, dark blonde hair wearing a gray sweatshirt

Hannah is a pleaure to have in class. She works hard, has a good attitude and gets along well with her classmates. I appreciate the extra effort she gives in anything she is asked to do.

- Senior

smiling girl with long dark hair  wearing a green t-shirt

Perfect Attendance

smiling boy  with blonde hair wearing a red cap and blue camo shirt

Perfect Attendance

smiling young girl with a blonde messy bun and glasses wearing a white sherpa

Perfect Attendance

grinning young boy with a mohawk wearing a gray shirt and jacket

Perfect Attendance