grinning girl with very blonde hair wearing a rainbow heart shirt

Kinley is a kind and caring to her classmates. She always shares with her friends. Kinley tries hard on learning new skills and concepts.

- Pre-K

Orange Trojan Mascot

Sabrina has been an absolute joy to have in class. She has improved GREATLY over the last several weeks. She listens very well and tries her best on her class work. If another student is upset or hurt, she shows empathy and volunteers to help them or get them to the nurse.

- Kindergarten

young girl with brown  hair and a mini mouse shirt

Jessie is truly a ray of sunshine in our classroom. She always does her best on her work, helps others, and is always engaged in our lessons and conversations during class. The room lights up when she enters and she has curly made our class a wonderful place to learn!

- 1st Grade

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Carsen is always trying his best in everything that he does. He is always willing to help, not only his teacher, but his peers as well. It is a put joy to have Crasen in class.

- 2nd Grade

smiling girl with blonde hair in a navy sweatshirt with a pink heart

Kynslee has been an absolute joy to have in class. She is always paying close attention, pushing herself and helping other when needed. She is truly a kind kid and has shown nothing but empathy for her fellow students. She cares about doing well and has a drive to succeed.

- 3rd Grade

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River is a firecracker and has such a big heart with an even bigger sense of humor! He always works hard and does his best, and I know that I have to do my best, or he will let me know! He brings laughter to our classroom each day and I always look forward to what he has to say.

- 4th Grade

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Olivia is dedicated to doing her best at all times. She is always on task and willing to help others in need. She is a pleasure to have in class!

- 5th Grade

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Tenley has been a joy to have in my class. She is kind and caring to her classmates and myself. Tenley is always on task and work hard every day. She is an exemplary student. I am looking forward to seeing all she will accomplish.

- 6th Grade

smiling young woman with long dark hair in a gray long-sleeve t-shirt

Miranda always comes to class ready to work. She is an engaged and willing participant in class and offers thoughtful insights in discussion. The work she turns in is polished and top-notch. Miranda is a joy to teach and is always the hardest worker in the room.

- Junior

Orange Trojan Head

Quinn Perfect Attendance Award

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Keaton Perfect Attendance Award