little girl with sandy hair wearing a light blue shirt

Evelyn comes into Pre-K with a smile on her face. She is caring and kind to her classmates. Evelyn loves putting together all types of puzzles!

- PreK

smiling boy with sandy hair wearing a white pirate shirt

Hayden is so kind to everyone. He loves to help others and is willing to do whatever is asked. All of the students love to be around him. I love having him in class and I can't wait to see what all he accomplishes!

- Kindergarten

smiling girl with brown hair wearing a gray Trojan sweatshirt

Avery is such a sweet and kind student! She always has a smile on her face and loves to help her classmates. Avery is very dedicated to her studies and I can see her going very far in life with her work ethic and leadership qualities. We love having Avery in our classroom

- 1st Grade

smiling girl with dark blonde hair wearing a pink shirt

Brinley is such a sweet girl! She always comes to school with a positive attitude. Brinley is always excited to learn and to help others. She is a joy to have in class.

- 2nd Grade

smiling boy with dark hair wearing a gray hoodie

Samuel has been such a happy addition to our classroom. He is so kind, cares about others, and people cannot help but gravitate toward him. He works hard and does his absolute best in all things. I can't wait to see the great things he accomplishes this year.

- 3rd Grade

smiling girl with blonde hair pulled up in a bun on top of her head wearing a gray sweatshirt

Kynslee is such a sweet girl. She spreads good vibes around our classroom by always haing a smile on her face and always having a positive attitude.

- 4th Grade

grinning girl with dark hair wearing a gray Salukis hoodie

Aria is such a sweet student. She is kind to others and wants to do her best. Although she is quiet and shy in nature, she has started coming out of her shell, and I look forward to watching her gain even more confidence this year.

- 5th Grade

smilng young lady with dark hair pulled back in a low braid wearing a black & orange basketball t-shirt

Marci has such a good attitude, and she always has a smile on. Whatever challenge comes her way, she is determined overcome it. Keep it up!

- Jr High

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Ongoing commitment to skills improvement. & dedication to excellence. Also, respectful & kind.

- High School

smiling girl with blonde hair pulled back wearing a light green hoodie with a butterly on it

Perfect Attendance

smiling boy with dark hair wearing a dark gray hoodie

Perfect Attendance