smiling girl with sandy hair, in white  & black dot short-sleeved shirt

Jayla always maintains a positive attitude, engages in her studies, makes Kahoots to help classmates prepare for tests, is active in extracurricular activities, and has begun her nursing career. She is extremely hardworking and is an excellent representation of nice, responsible students at COHS!

- Mrs. Fisher

smiling girl with glasses in dark gray  shirt

KJ is a very well mannered student and is always ready to lend a helping hand. She comes in every day with a positive attitude and a kind word. She excels at the work she completes and is always willing to learn.

- Mrs. Crain

woman in middle of two daughters in front of fountain and flowers

Mrs. Johnson is always up for a challenge and willing to help anyone in any way possible. Her help is greatly valued and appreciated. She has an excellent rapport with her students and colleagues.

- Ms. Deming & Mrs. Massey

smiling woman with blonde hair in pink sweater

Mrs. Flare's love for her students is evident. Her welcoming personality and sense of humor make her a favorite among students and staff. Her ability to adapt to all levels and aid other classrooms at a moment's notice is beyond appreciated.

- Ms. Deming & Mrs. Massey