boy with curly blonde hair wearing a gray t-shirt

Benji has worked incredibly hard this year and shown tremendous growth! I have watched with pride as he's grown in confidence as a result of his hard work. He is kind to his peers and displays leadership qualities that will continue to serve him well in life.

-1st Grade

smiling girl with brown hair

Mattelyn has displayed excellent behavior all year long. She is always on task and tries her best at everything she does. Mattelyn sets goals and is determined to reach them. She has a happy and positive attitude, I have truly enjoyed having her in class.

-2nd Grade

girl with dark blonde hair wearing a dark purple t-shirttie-dye shirt

Allie has grown so much over our school year. She is always ready to learn and gives me her best in class. I am going to miss her next year!

-3rd Grade

smiling boy with blonde hair and glasses wearing a gray t-shirt

Karver has improved so much this year. He has gained more confidence in himself, and I know he will continue to grow and grow!

-4th Grade

smiling girl  with brown hair wearing a pink t-shirt

It has been a pleasure to have Danica in class this year. Particularly during group discussions, the insight she provides truly shows her bright, matter-of-fact, mature personality. She has such a sweet soul and will be missed next year as she moves on to Junior High.

-5th grade

smiling boy with brown hair wearing a dark gray t-shirt

Blaine has been an incredible student all semester. He has served as an example for his peers, and is always there to lend a helping hand. I cannot wait to see what all this young man accomplishes in his future.

-Jr High

smiling girl with long blonde hair wearing a black t-shirt

Haley is an incredibly hard worker, and she is always putting forth her best effort. She's also very sweet and an easy person to talk to. She's very willing to help her fellow students.

-High School