smiling young girl with light blonde hair wearing a pink headband with hearts and a gray sweatshirt

Josie is a delight to have in Pre-K! She is very creative and absolutely loves our art area. Josie shows her imagination while in the housekeeping area. She shares and is kind to her friends!

- PreK

smiling girl with dark blonde hair  wearing a gray t-shirt and pink backpack

Kinley is always ready and willing to learn. She demonstrates kindness to others. She is a joy to have in my class.

- Kindergarten

smiling young girl with long blonde hair wearing a gray sweatshirt with TROJANS written on it in black

I enjoy having Aradia in class. She comes in the door ready to learn. She is very attentive in class and a great helper to her friends. She is kind and respectful.

- 1st Grade

smiling girl with long blonde hair wearing a black t-shirt

Rylie has made great progress this year. She always tries her best and doesn't give up when things are hard. She is very creative and I love to see her drawings. I have enjoyed having her in my classroom this year.

- 2nd Grade

smiling boy with dark hair wearing a white hooded sweatshirt

I have loved watching Kaven learn and grow this year. The way he lights up when he knows the answer and is eager to share always makes me smile. He is so much fun and I love having him in class.

- 3rd Grade

boy with dark hair wearing a black hooded sweatshirt

Bryson has shown incredible determination in both his personal and academic growth. I am so proud of his hard work!

- 4th Grade

smiling girl with dark hair pulled back wearing black-rimmed glasses and a black sweatshirt

Chloe works hard and is very attentive in class. She listens intently when I am helping her one on one and tries her best to apply what I am telling her. She is an excellent example for others.

- 5th Grade

grinning girl with long, dark hair wear a maroon hooded sweatshirt

Cara is a joy to have in my class. She is hard-working and always ready to help out. Cara is kind and respectful to both myself and her classmates. She is always on task and works without disturbing others. I look forward to seeing all that she may become.

- Jr High

smiling young lady with curled, dark blonde hair wearing a pink t-shirt under a black jacket

Lexi is a very hardworking, kind, respectful young lady. It has been a pleasure to have her in my class this year. She is a good friend to all of her classmates and is always willing to lend a helping hand.

- High School

smiling girl with dark blonde hair pulled up wearing a tan sweatshirt with pictures of saddles, horses, cowboys, and cows on it

Perfect Attendance

boy with light-brown hair wearing clear-rimmed glasses and a gray-&-orange jacket with a hood

Perfect Attendance